An expat Californian building a new life via the tango in Buenos Aires since 2003, including information on learning the tango and where to dance it in Buenos Aires.

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About Ruben y Cherie Tango Buenos Aires:  classes are bilingual (English and Spanish), and concentrate on the music, embrace, connection, improvisation, and sensuality of social tango milonguero, the most popular and traditional style of the Buenos Aires milongas, where they are well-known. They do not dance stage tango, and do not teach choreography. They have been dancing together for more than eight years, and were finalists in the Campeonato Metropolitano de Tango de Buenos Aires 2006

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Cherie has been dancing tango since 1997, and has studied with Fernanda y Guillermo, Julio y Carina, Francisco y Natalia, Suzuki Avellaneda, Juan Bruno, Nito y Elba, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, and, most of all, Carlos Gavito.

Ruben, a native-born Argentine, has been dancing tango in the milongas of Buenos Aires since 1980. He came to the tango from a background of folklore and rock 'n roll.

What Ruben y Cherie offer for dancing tango in Buenos Aires:

Private lessons of one hour with Ruben and Cherie (rates on request). Coaching of advanced dancers as well as the instruction of absolute beginners are their specialties. They also teach groups by special requests.

Note: With lots of tango teaching experience, we feel that it's better to start out with a few private lessons to make sure you don't develop bad habits (which can take years to break), and learn the fundamentals of technique before you learn steps and figures. After you develop a base of tango technique, then it can be fun to take group classes to meet new people.

Here in Buenos Aires, "everyone" is a tango teacher, even if they've had only ten lessons more than you. Cheap lessons aren't necessarily the best. There are shoe stores and hotels which offer free lessons. But sometimes you get what you pay for.

Group classes: to be arranged

Packages: a discount given when purchasing a package of 10 classes in advance, and/or combining lessons with excursions.

Milonga accompaniment with both Ruben y Cherie, explaining the codigos, etc., including entrance fees, refreshments, transportation to and from the studio in Boedo.

Taxi Dance Service: Ruben or Cherie will accompany and dance with a client in the milonga of their choice -- by the hour, two hours minimum, plus expenses (transportation, entrance, soft drink.)

If you are a tanguera from out of town and only have a brief time in Buenos Aires and want to dance as much as possible, Ruben's professional milonga accompaniment will allow you to hit the ground dancing! Everyone looks at who Ruben dances with! A great way to kick-start your tango vacation! Ruben is one of the very few milongueros who offer this service; the agencies use tangueros with much less experience.

Ruben does not sit at a table with his client but a short ways away, always with his eye on her, thus allowing other men to cabeceo her for a dance. This arrangement also looks more natural and will help the lady dance more when she goes alone to the milonga the next time.

Two-Day Intensive Tango Tour: a one-hour private tango lesson, coffee in an historic cafe, a parrilla lunch or dinner (not including drinks), a cultural/historical excursion, tango shoe shopping, a milonga accompaniment, transportation between activities: Inquire about rates for your private tour.

Escorted Day Trips to the Gaucho Fair at Mataderos, La Boca, and to the Delta of Tigre.
They also can advise and help with music and CDs.

All of their friends and students are invited to join them at their table in La Milonga de los Consagrados, Saturdays from 7:00-10:00, Humberto Primo 1462. Please just let them know in advance that you are coming so they can save room for you.

Here's a video that shows some of Ruben y Cherie's Tango Services:

YES, they accept credit cards in advance by way of safe and secure PayPal.

Hasta pronto!

FOR TESTIMONIALS: please see the Comments, or email Cherie for referrals: tangocherie at gmail dot com.